Discover 9 Advantages of Solar Energy for Agriculture

Solar Panels for Renewable Energy

Discover 9 Advantages of Solar Energy for Agriculture

By now, you’ve probably heard how solar energy is powering our homes and office spaces. But have you considered using renewable energy for your farm land? Not to give too much away, but powering your farm through solar energy can be quite beneficial. Aside from trimming down that electric bill, solar power allows farm lands to be much more eco-friendly. Also, it provides a solution to those who have faced serious loss due to the drought. Many have dealt with serious loss, but now is the time to continue pushing forward. If you have been on the fence about converting to solar energy, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn about some of the advantages of solar energy.

#1: Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

On many large farms, solar energy is actually much less expensive than fossil fuel. That is for a number of reasons. The installation of solar energy will cost you more – that’s a given. However, with incentives from the state and increasing demand, it usually pays off to use solar energy. We all know that solar energy cuts down that electric bill. But, many are unaware of just how cost efficient renewable energy can be. Electric companies will charge more during the daytime, or when it’s the hottest. With solar energy, you can avoid those grueling costs while maintaining your farm. Also, solar energy frees farmers from electricity spikes or times when electricity is all consumed at once.  Electric companies will bill farmers much more for ‘disrupting’ the power system.

#2: Sensible Solution to Drought-Related Problems

The past 5 years have been exasperating for California farmers. Many are finding a safe haven through the use of solar energy. Solar energy is a more viable route to take during this relentless drought because it requires minimal water delivery. For many, agriculture has grown sparse and with limited water resources, things aren’t looking up. Solar energy allows for the growth of photovoltaic panels as opposed to crops. While solar energy doesn’t produce quite the same yield, for affected land, it may be the best solution.

#3: Not a Permanent Switch

One misconception of solar energy is that it is a permanent decision. But, in most cases, that is simply not true. Farmers can use solar energy as long as need be before reverting back to electricity. After the tenure, future crops will not be affected by formerly using renewable energy. Some aren’t interested in permanently converting, but are seriously affected by the drought. Using solar energy can help farmers sustain through the drought. Then, if they decide it’s not for them, they are able to go back.

#4: Potential Changes in Law

The advantages of solar energy extend are picking up in Congress. By 2030, it’s likely that California farmers may be required to use solar energy. In an effort to combat climate change, lawmakers are proposing half of the electricity comes from renewable sources. Governor Jerry Brown believes that the transition away from fossil fuel energy may be difficult. For years, it has been the most profitable and economically wise solution. But, this step will help lead to a decarbonized future, according to Brown. He hopes this will ultimately serve as a model for other states and nations to follow.

#5: Solar Energy is Currently on the Rise

It’s no doubt that the use of renewable energy has been growing exponentially in the last decade. This trend is expected to continue. For farmers, this means that the cost to install solar energy is likely to decrease. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), has grown 60% in the last decade. The cost, however, has dropped over 70%. With the growing popularity of renewable energy, prices are predicted to continue declining. The advantages of solar energy will be seen through price reductions in upcoming years.

#6: Becoming More Advanced

Like everything in our tech-savvy world, solar panels have developed greatly from its initial state. Now, many solar panels do not feature the glass substrate that the traditional models held. They are still attachable to roofs and walls. Also, panels tend to be much more environmentally friendly now. That is due to less energy being needed for its manufacturing process. The convenience of installation is one of the major advantages of solar energy.

#7: Solar Storage is Also Becoming More Affordable

In past decades, storing solar energy has been quite costly for everyone. Thankfully, it’s growing much more widespread due to accessibility. So far, battery storage has been growingly popular for the use of solar energy. Many are using lithium ion batteries to preserve. In 2016, the price to store renewable energy dropped aggressively. Lithium ion battery storage is predicted to drop 20% to 30% in upcoming years.  Energy storage is essential for areas that are prone to natural disasters. For California farmers, this could be helpful in preserving energy for future crisis. For California farmers, preserving energy for future crisis is one of the advantages of solar energy.

#8: Soil Becomes Better Habitat

Powering through solar energy creates a more habitat-friendly environment for plants and wildlife. Solar panels are typically surrounded by grasslands. The installation does not pose any harm or threat to plants. Also, it can be easily maintained through hedging. Additionally, animals are able to have more room to graze through, creating a pasture-like setting. They will not be harmed by the above or underground panels.

#9: Most Efficient Way to Halt Global Warming

Global warming has been a hot topic on everyone’s radar for years. Utilizing renewable energy is one of the most productive methods of reducing a carbon footprint. Solar panels produce renewable energy. Not only that, but solar farms are able to disperse large amounts of clean energy. This is because of the excess power being distributed onto main grids.

Get The Advantages Of Solar Energy Today!

At Rockridge Renewable, we believe that solar power can be a fit in anyone’s life. Renewable energy can decrease electric bills, increase the value of your farm, and much more. We are located out of Concord but service the surrounding neighborhoods including Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and Martinez. However, we are more than willing to help out no matter your neck of the woods. Give us a call today to learn about more advantages of solar energy.

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