Agricultural Solar Systems

Agricultural Solar energy for farms and agricultural properties in Concord, CA

California is the top agricultural producing state in the U.S., and this means lots of farmers with lots of crops to grow and keep healthy. This requires a lot of energy, and, as our farming customers know, this can get quite costly. What if we told you that we could save you money on your monthly electricity costs, and that this system could pay for itself? By installing an agricultural solar system for your property, you can harness the power of the sun not only to grow your crops, but to help power the utilities and equipment needed to help them thrive.

More and more farmers are turning to solar systems to power their land. Renewable energy means energy independence for your farm, and money that would be spent on electricity bills can instead be spent where it matters. An agricultural solar system for your farm can free up funds to plant new crops, hire new staff, and expand your business. With constantly evolving technology and more solar systems present now than ever, solar power is the way of the future – and present – for your farm. Call Rockridge Renewables today to get a free consultation and discuss the benefits of solar for your agricultural property.

Agricultural Solar system installation by Rockridge Renewables in Concord, CA

Why Choose Solar

As a farmer in sunny California, you’re in the perfect place to add solar power to your farm.


With the ideal weather conditions, you will be able to produce maximum amounts of electricity to reduce or zero out your electric bill.

Lower energy bills 

The most obvious reason to opt for an agricultural solar system in the greater Bay Area is to save money on your electric bill.


Each day, your new solar panels will collect the sun’s energy and produce electricity for your farm.


Think about it this way – every time you use energy,  you’re saving money instead of wasting it.


Your solar panels will work to cut down your energy bills, allowing the solar panels to effectively pay for themselves.

Increased property value

Your farm’s value with greatly increase when you install an agricultural solar system.


It’s not just a short-term solution – your solar panels will continue to collect and harness energy for their entire lifespan, saving you money the entire time.


There are also tax incentives and grant opportunities available when you choose to install a solar system for your farm, giving you additional cost incentives.

Energy independence

The moment you install a solar system on your farm, the more energy independent you become.


Additionally, you have the option of not only powering your farm but selling any excess solar energy back to your service provider, giving you additional income and savings.

Lock-in your energy rates

Solar energy on your farm allows you to better plan and project the cost of energy in the future.


Instead of relying on fluctuating energy rates, you’ll know exactly what your bills will be like thanks to your solar energy system.

How Long Does It Take to Install?

We aim to install our agricultural solar systems efficiently so that our customers can start saving sooner rather than later. While the total time to complete each project varies, we can give you some insight into our overall process.

1. Consultation and Assessment

Our consultations are free to anyone seriously considering purchasing an agricultural solar system. We’ll discuss with you how a solar system can benefit you and your farm, and what kind of energy savings you can expect to see. This is the perfect time for you to ask questions and address any concerns. Our team of experts will give you honest, accurate advice to allow you to make the decision that is right for your farm.


2. System Design and Financial Review

We know that each property has unique needs. That’s why we design a system that is customized to you and within your specified budget. We review all available rebates, tax credits, and grant opportunities in order to determine the final net cost of the system to you.


3. Engineering and Installation

Once you’ve decided to go solar and signed our contract, our engineers will start installing your new system. We keep you in the loop throughout the entire installation process, giving you real-time updates and accurate estimations of when your project will be completed.


4. Power Production

Once your agricultural solar system is installed, you’re ready to start reaping the benefits. Not only are you powering your farm with green, renewable energy, but you’re putting excess energy back into the grid and providing the community with green energy, too.